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Blogging Second Life: Updates to Blogging Second Life for the Week Ending January 27th

Blogging Second Life
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Updates to Blogging Second Life for the Week Ending January 27th
Jan 28th 2013, 23:23

Evelyn has finally returned from her adventures in New Zealand! Blogging Second Life will go back to normal now, there will be less stress on Poly, who I have to say has done an amazing job whilst Evelyn has been on holiday

We’re adding a new feature to our update posts, this is only a beta addition, just to see how popular the idea is. Each week, Cajsa, Poly and myself will choose a ‘Highlight of the Week’. This means, we will each choose a blog or store that stood out for us in that weeks updates. This does not mean that the store/ blog that we chose is better than the others, it’s just to show you, the readers, which store/blog that we thought were notable for a variety of reasons whether its creativity, quirkiness, quality or some other element that just makes them stand out.

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Blogs Added

Cajsa’s Choice: In the very first week of our highlighting notable blogs, I find myself begging your indulgence to feature two instead of one. First there is Where’s Dim Sum?, a travel blog by Opal Lei. This is a 365 day project with a Where’s Waldo approach to travel. Each picture will have a white cat for you to find. I love the whimsical and creative approach she is taking and sometimes it’s a challenge to find Dim Sum, as it should be. The other is Vintage Metaverse, a fashion blog from Nur Moo. I have long admired her photography on Flickr and am thrilled to see her start blogging. However, in contrast to most of us fashion bloggers, when we are all wearing the hot release of the weekend, she will be wearing vintage SL. Each item she wear has is dated so you can see that items from 2008 and on are still exciting, beautiful and worth noting.

Stores Added

Evelyn’s ChoiceVinCue didn’t apply for Blogging Second Life. I discovered the store when the owner, Cate Ying, posted images of the products on Flickr. VinCue is a new store, it only opened a few days ago. Cate isn’t new to creating in Second Life, she previously owned CoLoReTas. One thing that I love most about this store is that almost all of their rigged mesh items have HUDs included, which allow you to customize the items. I also love that Cate has created a lot of colour options, which make choosing which to buy very difficult. There is however, one thing that lets the store down for me, and that’s that the demos are all 1L. It’s not a major thing, but I personally prefer demos that are free. Then I have more lindens to spend on full price items!. Overall, this is one of my new favourite stores and definitely one that I’ll be keeping my eye on! 

 Most stores on this page have just been added: Clothing/ Skin Appliers for Mesh/Sculpted Breasts

Events Added

Page Added

Clothing/ Skin Appliers for Mesh/Sculpted Breasts

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