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Down the Rabbit Hole: Ecce Avatar or More FBH2 Stuff

Down the Rabbit Hole
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Ecce Avatar or More FBH2 Stuff
Jan 28th 2013, 22:51

I was planning to create another post on the Femboy Hunt and I suppose this can be said to be one, but it got a bit hijacked. 

I've just passed the four year mark as an hermaphrodite and even if I'm happy this av has survived this long, it's with some wonder I've realise that all the technical developments in SL has gradually made my life more difficult and more compromised instead of the other way around. In the beginning there were the skin, animations and chest shading issues, now mesh clothes and body parts have been added to the list, beautiful as they might be. FL is suddenly appearing rather gender fuzzy. Yes... hehe... I think it would be easier to be Ciss in FL now than in SL. I've never thought of that before. What am I doing here?

No, I'm giving up on SL in any way. The herm will live to see another rezzday. The revolution in here has just begun and eventually this adding on objects to modify the avatar body into something passable will force a change of the avatar mesh into something more plastic and attractive, something worthy to move around in this increasingly marvellous looking world of ours. The LL avatar itself should be in the front of the line of SL stuff that's in serious need of an upgrade by now me thinks.

 For now, the most I can hope for is for some clever creator to develop a mesh bulge for us who use the fem default for more male purposes. In my opinion the fem default is for many purposes a better shape for guys as well so it's not just an issue for gender blurrers. The fem default is simply a more 'correct' human. There are appliers for other voluminous body 'enhancers', so why not with bulges? Until I can find one of those, I'll have to make do with the odd included prim ones. Oh dear... don't get me started on THOSE!

Dance 1

Prosthetics doesn't always give more freedom, however. I was experimenting with more FBH2 stuff and the things that grabbed me this second round reminded me about the soft and light garments dancers wear while practicing. While working on some suitable poses, I ended up throwing my mesh feet away in frustration. Maybe they look too natural or maybe it's the attachment point, they looked and behaved like dead planks so I ended up in only system feet. REAL liberating.

Clothing wise - all hunt things. Since there's an official web list of hints and SLURLs (AND previews), I'll just give the the names of the stores as usual. 

Above Left:

Top and pants: #33 Rockoil. Top is mesh and uses my favourite tank template and the print is fun on several levels.

Above Right:

Top: Part of #41 GalaFashion Design
Pants: Part of #48 Anthony-art
Arm warmers: Isa Gloves, IW. From the POE5. Blogged before here.


Feathers and top: Part of #46 Demure Designs. I blogged the included boots in my first FBH2 post.
Pants: From #32 Nimiki's Creations... used this in my last post, too.
Lace stocking: #41 Gala Fashion Design
Makeup: Nuuna's black body cross over Ossaki's painted mask are neither available anymore. Orange/black body paint, Shardul, comes from Adrenaline Rush.

I leave you with some more shots of me dreaming. The hosting location for this and the first FBH2 post is Barry Richez' installation Dreams in Space. To be honest, with windlight and about everything but the floor derendered, it doesn't look anything like this but it does have some sweet spots worth an outing. The photos are all 'raw' without any postproduction beside cropping. Actually, this place was the location for my first FBH2 post, too.

All the poses are mine and I'm proud to say they can be bought in my new and still very small place on Marketplace, The Fugram.

Dance 2

Dance 3

Dance 4

Until next time, take care and have fun!

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