Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Free*Style: Face Zoom Tutorial Thing from the Archives

Face Zoom Tutorial Thing from the Archives
Jan 14th 2013, 23:32

So way back in 2010 I did a picture on Flickr to help people understand how to properly zoom in on their faces.  I found the picture and thought it would still be helpful for some so I will post it here.  The picture is HORRIBLE, lmao, but it's old and I have learned a lot since then.  Bad picture or not, the tutorial aspect of it is still valid so here you go!
Helpful Hint
Original Flickr text:
"Not sure if anyone will see this, lol, but here is a helpful hint when taking close face shots:
If you use alt + arrow keys to zoom in you will get a "fish eye" effect that makes your face look longer than it should. It is often better to use ctrl + 0 to zoom in close. Ctrl +9 brings you back to neutral and ctrl + 8 brings you farther out. Hope that helps someone!"

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