Wednesday, January 16, 2013

: To Tease or Not to Tease …

To Tease or Not to Tease …
Jan 16th 2013, 21:29

To Tease or Not to Tease … THAT is the question at hand, and I am known for excruciating fashion torture of sorts. So my decision is *drum roll please* to DEFO tease the ever living out of you, til all these events fall into place. So here’s the dill pickles … I have 2 back to back MAJOR events booked here. BlackOut is Tuesday, Feb. 12th & Whore Couture Fair is Friday, March 1st. 2 events of epic greatness, and both need 100 & 4574857493875894758% of my attention, so, party time for me is over, Im pumped! I know your like, “BUT BUT Toxxic, you said you were gona tease us.” And yes lil grasshopper I so am. If you notice at the top of this page, there is a tab that says BLACKOUT & there will soon be a tab that says WHORE COUTURE on these pages the heart wrenching, “I-CANT-BUY-ITS yet”, palpitations will begin. I plan on posting the vendor ads to these events as I get them done, packaged and ready to goo! “Oh Toxxic, you are so mean,” jusss I know, a girl just wants to have fun ja know.  My idea of fun is generally twisted, especially when it comes to my customers, buahahaha. Ill announce there is Newness on either page through a regular blog post, so keep your corneas peeled, so you can pretty much, PRE-PICK OUT what your gonna nab once these events open. Have a virtual checklist ready, bc Oh you’ll need it.

Side note, AlterEgo is an Official Sponsor to the Whore Couture Fair ’13. I am alotted 350 prims of slutty, smexy, whorey, juicy, nahmy yummyness. If all goes my way, I do plan on creating 350 prims of NEW, not sold inside my main store or mp for that matter. I take WCF pretty serious, so you can have a fab experience, its all about you!

Side note #2, BlackOut, for those that are like whaaaaaa, is a celebration / anniversary of AlterEgo’s birth. We are turning 2 this year, so that means what? I can hear the veteran army members rawking in their padded cells, BlackOuts a coming. Its a 24 hour, lock down of AlterEgo. I block access to the public and only allow my VIP group in. Nao you might think, agh thats cool, not so bad, yeh well, lemme drop a scenario on ya here. Last year we only had approx 3-4k in our group, traffic was over 63,000 for the day. Solid, wall to wall with people, for 24 hrs, no one left lol. This year we are well over 7,500 group members, lots of new people who have no idea the blessing that is about to bestow on them. My very 1st BlackOut was a test run, I was only on one sim back then, small group and that traffic was 45k, this aint no semi popular event for my store, this is the Big Kahuna. So do, whatever, you have to do, to be there. I vaguely remember people skipped church, to go to BlackOut, someone skipped out on GOD, its that serious. ♥

So enough of me, talking to you, here is my 1st vendor for BlackOut … **passes tissues, you might need them, hell have the whole box**



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