Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Blissimo: Weighing in On Dating and Marriage in SL ... Because it is MY Blog and I Can.

Weighing in On Dating and Marriage in SL ... Because it is MY Blog and I Can.
Feb 27th 2013, 00:01


I thought when we grow up we are supposed to mature and be better able to handle things. All the manuals say this.  Dr. Phil has said this.  I know people watch Dr. Phil.  All the Disney movies show little cute animals growing up and moving on to more adult ideals.  Those Brady Bunch Kids grew up.  How come no-one is applying the valuable television lessons to real life anymore? 


Why can't people date and be married in Second Life even if they are married or dating in real life?

Why does everyone care?

Why does everyone involve themselves in it?  (you can imagine a ticking clock here if you want ... just like on 60 Minutes)

I mean when I was 8, I was dating Victor Rogerson in real life. It was very serious.  We were shopping in the Sears Catalogue for China Patterns.  Meanwhile I had a Barbie Doll who was dating and/or married to "Ken" numerous times. In fact she was also dating and married to "Dustin" who looked liked Ken but was his much nicer brother the Airline Pilot . . . as well as Gi-Joe . . .  and Bob the Sock Monkey.

I didn't catch any grief from Victor about me cheating on him. He was able to discern the differnce between me and Barbie. I mean seriously ... like I am responsible for Barbie and her alleycat ways? PFFFT. Neither did all my girlfriends, or relatives, or the Minister of my Church start in on me about morals and what I should or shouldn't be doing.

It was a kinder, gentler time when people were allowed to play with their Barbies and dream and dream ...

What happened?  Now everyone has this big list of rules about what is cheating and what is allowed and why are you dating the dude they wanna date when you already have a boyfriend/husband/sock monkey... it has gotten OUT OF HAND!!!

If an 8 year old boy who had freckles and who grew up to be an actual Sock Monkey can get it ... why can't the adults???

Some of us just wanna play Barbie ... with Bob the Sock Monkey ...

Barbie is not me.  She is a doll.  I know this on SO many levels ... there are so many little constant reminders that I am not her, everytime I play with her .... one of the biggest being ...


... I cannot bend my body that way ....

oh and ... Bob the Sock Monkey has never given real life me the time of day ....

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