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Damien's Fate: FATEwear Survey Results

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FATEwear Survey Results
Feb 19th 2013, 02:01

FATEwear recently held an anonymous survey with customers about how I can better package future releases. The results are in and I’d like to go through what I’ve learned and what I plan to do moving forward.

First of all, I want to thank all those that took time out to take part in the survey, I really appreciate it. You have helped shape the future of FATEwear!

FATEwear’s most popular colours

1: How would you rate the colour choices available at FATEwear
The vast majority is happy with the range of colours. Currently there are around 16 colours that are commonly used in the store, though typically products are released in 5-6 options on average. Out of all the colours I have in store it should be of no surprise that black (‘void’) outsells the other colours by far, followed by white, red and grey. For that reason, these colours will almost always be available for new products, but I’d like to start offering more options per item…. more on that in a moment.

 websiteSurvey_02FATEwear’s extended colour palette

2: Which of the following options would you prefer for choosing a product colour?
Out of the options available for this question the slight majority requested a HUD control for choosing colours on FATEpacks. There is still a strong desire for individually packed colours too. Since this the results of this question are divisive I will most likely try to offer both options. For example, a shirt comes out with 6 colour options for individual purchase, purchasing the FATEpack will gain you a HUD controlled version in the main package, with the extra colours included as boxes withing the FATEpack. This will allow the best of both worlds… with an extra added bonus – more colours!


The future of FATEpacks.

3) …How much would you pay [for a FATEpack]?
Half of you would like a steeper discount on the  FATEpacks of 50% the cost of individual items, while a third of you are happy with the current discount of 33%. A smaller percentage want HUD controlled versions at the same price as individual items (sorry, that’s not gonna happen!). So, this is an important result, especially when compared to those who want more colours and those who want a HUD. My plan is this: Offer the usual range of individually packaged colours which would be included in the FATEpack as individuals also and continue to charge the regular discount of 33% on those colours, BUT, to also include extra colours only available through the HUD.

What this achieves is that those who want to continue with the standard FATEwear packaging and pricing scheme can continue to do so, and those who want the HUD and more colour options at a cheaper price also get their wish. If you consider that using the HUD version will provide you with many more colours then the discount is no longer 33% but closer to 60% or more.


websiteSurvey_04The recent Edward Suit release was heavy on wear styles!

4) How important are ‘wear styles’ to you? For example, a simple polo shirt with three wear styles, closed collar – open collar – popped collar.
About half of you said that more wear styles are very important, with the other half liking extra options. I think this is very clear and I will definitely aim to offer wear style options for future releases when applicable.

5) Would you pay more for extra wear styles?
The majority again voted that they would be happy with paying more for more wear styles, as long as there were a good amount. Fair enough here I think, and I will continue to offer competitive prices that fairly reflect the quality of items on offer.


websiteSurvey_05What are you most excited about?

6) Which of the following items would you like to see at FATEwear? Choose as many as you like.
There were a lot of items on the list, and somewhat surprisingly to me ‘more casual wear’ came out on top as the most requested item. I say surprising really because casual wear doesn’t seem as in demand as formal wear, but worry not – I hear you – and I am currently working on a large release for spring that will be sure to please. Another surprise was footwear, your feet are screaming out for FATEwear shoes, and I will provide, though I cannot give a time estimate on footwear as it is something I haven’t done much of before and I am sure it will take quite a bit of work.


So there you have it. The results, my thoughts and plans. Thanks again for taking part in the survey and stay tuned for the next big FATEwear release!

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