Thursday, February 28, 2013

: Dirtyland Manager

Dirtyland Manager
Feb 28th 2013, 03:29

I am really stoked to announce, I have gotten yet another job in SL, hehe I am taking over some duties over at Dirtyland. Selene has been re-building her store, actually I built the building and she has been busy busy stuffing it full of ::dl:: stuffs for about a week, but it is almost complete! Looks really good and she has so so much more room to create til she falls over, like she usually does. Nao, maybe you noticed in the past, its kind of hard to get a hold of Selene, well thats something I am planning to assist with. Selene works in rl and isnt online as much as she would like to be, but you all know … I sho am online. So as her New Instore Manager, I have the ability to re-deliver items from the marketplace & inworld, so if you cant get a hold of her, please feel free to drop me a note as well, and Id be happy to resend whatever you are missing. I can help on just about anything, other then actually fixing a item, she is in full control of her inventory, I do not touchy heh so item fixes still need to go to her, all other questions can be directed to me. I am also in control of her blogger group, finding events that suit Dirtyland and moderating / assisting in group chat. I am Selene Edwyn #2 … officially hehe yay!

Soon I will be on the look out for bloggers for Dirtyland, however I am not accepting applications at this time. Dirtyland Blogger Group will remain invite only & if you are currently in it, some rules are heading your direction. As this has been left dormant for some time, we now will bring it to life and has fun with it.

Selene and I would like to make more events, exclusive to Dirtyland Clothes & Accessories and that is what I am here for. I really enjoy promoting and management in sl, alot of people told even myself I need another me, but thus far me alone is good enough ♥. Dirtyland is located on the North side of AlterEgo, yeh her sim is right there next to me. You can also find a small section inside AlterEgo where she has plopped some of her most popular items down.

In the not so distant future, Selene & I are looking for setting Dirtyland up with a vendor system, allowing the customers to reap some benefits from a more organized, self serve store. We are looking into features like a redelivery system, possible credit system, gifting etc, something like AlterEgo is set up with. {a haaaa DT, Ive got chu another live one!} So sit tight, we are planning lots of changes, good changes that I think everyone will be happy with.

As most know, I will be offline for sometime as I move, but once back I will be available all the time again for any questions or concerns.
All offlines for me, go straight to my email, and I can contact you back.

Somethings I do want to go ahead and make clear, as I know they werent before :

Dirtyland DOES NOT:
- accept custom requests at all!
- accept custom modifications!
- accept blogger requests!
- IM directly to Staff or Owner

Please understand, Selene’s time online is limited, therefore while she is online, creating please be courteous and leave her a nc. One of us will be with you shortly. Notecard response time is up to 24 hours. I am in the US, Selene is in Greece, so please understand we are working together, to serve you better, but we are a whole world apart. Some patience is appreciated. Rude residents will be banned, muted and ignored.

I will be setting up a blog for Dirtyland shortly and posting its feed on my side bar. When new posts are made, they will up over there, you simply click and go check out what she has going down! Blog posts will be done by me, so if you have questions, I am the one to talk to.

Thanks for reading!!!

LM for Dirtyland
Marketplace for Dirtyland

Owner – Selene Edwyn
Manager – Toxxic Rhiannyr
Business Alt – Dirtyland Resident


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