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Dyana Serenity: Spring Market Fair & Umbrella Hun

Dyana Serenity
Spring Market Fair & Umbrella Hun
Feb 13th 2013, 00:06

bloominspringPOSTER by Dyana Serenity
bloominspringPOSTER, a photo by Dyana Serenity on Flickr.

Designers signup for Old Europe Fair

 Spring Market Fair & Umbrella Hun
March 8th - april 1st 
al Old Europe Village
Over 50 top designers
Live Music - Djs - Dancing

The..Spring Market and Umbrella hunt at Old Europe Village is now reserving market carts for this wonderful opportunity to increase your stores sales, expose your brand to the public, grow your stores group..Many stores participate at Old Europe's fairs because they get results  have returned fair after fair to this enchanting region. The rules are simple no special discounting or special pricing,limited editions, or contributed free items are required for participation in the fair but a free hunt item is strongly encouraged because if all market carts have a hunt item it eliminates the need for visitors to locate,find and carry around the participating stores list. All sales decisions promotions are left to the store owners. The Market carts are all the same size and style ,store owners can decorate or modify to their carts to their individual style staying within approx original dimensions. A full permissions umbrella object will be sent to each participating store.
 Pay  Up4 Dawes or Rux Antra directly 2500L before Feb 12th for  50 prims limit per cart  please send your stores logo to Up4 Dawes or Rux Anatra  Carts will labeled with stores logo.
 The Fair and Hunt will be well publicized in the Linden labs destinations guide showcase, a front page banner on web and also in secondnights magazine  also the jungle ads that reach and displaying the fair and hunt ad on over forty bloggers pages.,and heavy traffic sims ad boards, at all NCI locations,  listed at, also fair and hunt will be listed on daily events in Second Life five times daily, listed huntingSL hunt blog and web site., and at hunt resources location, the fair and hunt posters distributed to store owners for their locations

Treet tv's Happy Hunting show with host Cinders Vale will be filming at Old Europe March 1st air date March 8th 201

The  Spring Market Fair and the Umbrella hunts kickoff day!   
 Old Europe's co-owner and fair co-organizer will be interviewed and give a walking tour of the fair carts and hunt items offered. To be aired  Friday March 8th, 3pm .Join us in treet tv's studio for this televised screening event that can also be seen on demand on treet tv's web page anytime and most inworld tv's.
 Also notices will be available in Multiple languages- bloggers box at front entrance media center has store owners ads and new releases, fair specials, info and pictures for easy access by bloggers Please use this free service as your items will be blogged and sent into the feeds.
 Old Europe's radio stream will be playing with pre-recorded ads for the fair and will plug various stores,specials, and contests throughout the fair duration. Guest DJ's will host contests,and plug fair stores, nightly lightshows in the village square various live music and dance groups will perform ad-hoc and scheduled times to be posted at media center.
 The themed ferris wheel with birds nest seating, the  flying birdsnest  tour, the birdsnest  tour boat traveling on the rivers under a canopy of Spring  tree's with singing birds and nature sounds, the colorful flowers, and themed village stores with free beauitfully painted pottery given to visitors after sitting at potters wheel two minutes and animating is popularwith newbies and oldsters, the free airplanes behind the castle to ready to rezz really do shoot each other and the dogfights over Old Europe are great fun,,  "all the seasons call this home"   

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