Monday, February 18, 2013

Simply Dou: Love Notes

Simply Dou
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Love Notes
Feb 18th 2013, 03:16

It wasn’t until last week that I realized who you were. I had missed the tall tell signs of the comings and goings of your everyday. The subtle hints left for me on the way out the door. The casual kiss upon the cheek and the nudge on the shoulder.

I should have guessed that you had found something and someone new to play with. I wonder what she looks like.

I gathered from the notes left in your shirt pocket that she writes left-handed and that she dots her ‘I’s’ with precise dots. She seems prim and proper, minus the fact that she elaborates the reasons why she wants to fuck you. She’s rather coarse in her speech. Something that you had never seemed to like in women before. But then again, who am I to judge. You had found me littered among the other girls. My eyes. That’s what you had said. My eyes drew you in. beckoning for me to come forth and take you away to some special place.

I laughed at your suggestions. Funny.

You all but pinched my cheeks and told me that I was the lass you were looking for. You spoke in a fake Irish brogue, making me giggle, because you seemed to have known I would melt under the sound.

I did.

I also melted when you touched me with your fingertips, tracing one cheekbone then the other. It felt soothing. I can still feel the electricity of our skin touching for the first time, as the rain pelted on the windows. It was early spring. We had just drank our full of wine.

My mind comes back though.

The notes look like white leaves on our wood floors. The papers were from her own personal desk. They have her initials on them. She must work with you at the office. Now I realize what the long hours were for. Why you showered when you came home. You didn’t realize that I could still smell the hint of lavender even from your briefcase.

But tonight – tonight will be different. You will realize that even though she tells you she wants to fuck you in every way fashionable, that she gets herself off during lunch hour after your meetings together – that you are still actually in love with me. That you still desire me.

I plan for an elegant dinner. Candlelight. A bit of jazz in the background. I’ll be wearing my hair up, the light from the candles will make it burn like fire. Your nice Oxford shirt will be my dress, along with the  heels that drive all the men crazy. Dinner will be amazing. A fresh salad to begin with. Then – the main course … but we both know what is next – dessert.

I have a wonderful dessert for you – served with love, devotion and a hint of lavender. Don’t be surprised when you take the lid off…you shouldn’t have kept them in your suit jacket then…


Letters SpokenShoes: [Gos] Boutique – Mae in Red / Gospel Voom
Skin: - Glam Affair - Amberley – America 01 Red HB / Aida Ewing
Props: Dutchie - Femdom Chair – Black / Froukje Hoorenbeek
Dutchie – Leather Poof – Black / Froukje Hoorenbeek
Dutchie – Book with Glasses / Froukje Hoorenbeek
Dutchie – Persian Rug / Froukje Hoorenbeek
{apple fall} Let’s Play Scrabble / Apple Fall
PILOT – Larken Set – Vase / Kaz Nayar
PILOT – Aviation Wall Art – Black / Kaz Nayar
PILOT – Larkin Set – Cactus Planter / Kaz Nayar
:Cheeky Pea: Old Memories Mirror – Stencil / Isla Gealach
Trompe Loeil – Shelf With Framed Items / Cory Edo
Trompe Loeil – Swept Bookshelf – Worn White Wood / Cory Edo *Collabor February*
Paper / Forever01 Himmel
Man Prop – Arun Batra in FATEwear Business Suit / Damien Fate

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