Sunday, March 3, 2013

: Hai ahh ermmm.

Hai ahh ermmm.
Mar 2nd 2013, 23:54

So kinda looks like we wont be moving as soon as we hoped, so Ive found something to, ahhhh ermmm, satisfy my new found time schedule. Ive danced around the thought of rebuilding AlterEgo for a while now, literally Harlem Shaked around that idear. & I did it, I rebuilt my whole store last night on Toxxic 2 lol. Now the bitch part comes in, refilling it. I also have to overcome the task of updating my store vendors from a V2 to a V3 with our system and though that doesnt require a sim wide shut down, I might actually give Toxxic 1 a break from time to time, so i can allow scripts to run with ease. Ken & I, ha & Whisper, only bc she was stuck in my Skype call and couldnt leave lol, talked long time last night, and tossed ideas back and forth, so this is defo something that is going to happen, esp now that there is a new sim wide build on Toxxic 2. Eventually when this is all done, AlterEgo will be on Toxxic 2, our LM will change and all other AlterEgo subsidiaries are coming down to the ground.

I envision a continuance of Depraved Nation’s city theme on Toxxic 1. I plan for Adrenaliyn, Clusterphuk, Crush, Skankaholic & 305 Gaming to reside on that sim with roads & a city type feel. AlterEgo cosmetics will be built into the main building again, my tattoo section will be deleted and Im debating the fate of the mens section. I would really like for you to see in plain view once landing on Toxxic 1, all my babies & a clear view of Dirtyland. Right now when you land at AE all my skeletons are in the closet and you cant see all I do, so its time to let em out, plus my build is obstructing Dirtyland, and it just looks rude! lol.

Its a hefty job, you might think Ahhhh thas easy, uh its not, and it might take weeks. So excuse any mess I might cause rippin her down. I wont actually open the New build til its done, so dont be over derr thinkin u sneaky buying stuff. Purchase from the current location, that way I know its correct. Items being moved might be altered to something else as a placeholder and I dont need ja over derr rofl.

I am doing all this nao, while WCF is keeping you all at bay, less traffic @ my store so I can move around with ease. I am taking into consideration a customer friendly store, its rough bc Im big {size wise}, so this will take some thought, I want things to be relatively easy to find, but the store is literally almost the whole sim so, bare with me. I do plan on the goodies to be re-installed, the Luckys, the MM, the Prize for Picks. Its just a different look time, and I feel I am cumfy with my build style, so here we go. Blind leap of faith! Hope you like the outcome.

I will update soon!♥


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