Monday, April 15, 2013

Pixel Phasion 4 Men

Pixel Phasion 4 Men

Royal Living Magazine - Birds and Bees Hunt

Posted: 14 Apr 2013 03:13 PM PDT

The Birds and Bees Hunt started today, sponsored by Royal Living Magazine. The hunt has around twenty designers, with some awesome hunt gifts that you'll love to have. You can read more about the Birds and Bees Hunt HERE.

Birds and Bees Hunt - End of Daze

End of Daze is one of the designers in the hunt, and the Greenhouse is the prize.  TP to End of Daze, find the birdie and the greenhouse is yours.  TP to End of Daze
Birds and Bees Hunt - End of Daze 1

*chronokit* - Painter Sarouel Pants

Posted: 14 Apr 2013 04:48 AM PDT

chronokit - Painter Sarouel Pants

Chronokit just released a huge new release of Painter Sarouel Pants. The sarouel pants are the newish liquid mesh, you can choose from six plain, six denim, four check, four camoflage, and four stripped color options.  The Painter Pants come in three versions, fat, medium, and slim, which is the length of the pants.  Head over to Chronokit and grab a demo and check them out.  TP to Chronokit.

Skin: Belleza - Ethan tan 0
Shape: Markleshapes - Kristian
Shirt: Kenvie - Summer Tanktop  grey/black  (NEW)
Pants: Chronokit - Painter Sarouel Pants camo 1 (NEW)
Boots: Deco - Jumpboots
Hat: DECO - Boonie Cap (Nam)
Dogtags: DECO - MESH Dogtags

Glasses: DECO -BCP Glasses (licorice)

The Garden Event

Posted: 13 Apr 2013 09:49 PM PDT

The Liaison Collaborative will be having "The Garden" event stating on April 15th - May 10th. The theme for "The Garden" is English Garden Party.  You can check out a list of designers for the upcoming "The Garden" HERE.

The Garden
{ba} will have three things at "The Garden".  The fence in picture 1 is one of the items {ba} will have. The garden fence comes with big gate, little gate, long sections, short sections, fence post only, just about every option you need to fence in your yard. Stone rock path from Rustica, and the rustic cottage is from Culprit.

The Garden 1

Also from {ba} is garden paver path, the pavement blocks come in nine different shapes. Straight, ends, filler, corners, plus the creator has included a picture with different designs that can be created with the garden paver path pieces.

The Garden 2

The last picture with the Hollyhock plants will be {ba} third item for "The Garden".  The Hollyhock plands come in blue, deep pink, orange, soft pink, and yellow.  They also come in four different sizes per color. The lawnmower in this picture is from Handverk, and is at "The Bee's Through The Season" event.
TP to "The Garden" on April 15th 

Trompe Loeil & Rageworks

Posted: 13 Apr 2013 06:46 PM PDT

Two of the releases from FaMESHed are from Trompe Loeil and Rageworks.
Trompe Loeil & Rageworks

The Studio 7 skybox from Rageworks is a three room skybox, shaped similar to a V, with a small courtyard between two of the rooms.  It's very modern, kind of eclectic, but a good one to have in your inventory.

Trompe Loeil's Cobble Hill Living Room Suit fit perfect in the Studio 7 skybox.  It comes with every piece of furniture seen (not including food on table, and jars against wall), plus some other pieces not seen. 

Both the Studio 7 skybox and Cobble Hill Living Room Suit from Trompe Loeil can be grabbed at FaMESHed until April 25th.

Trome Loeil & Rageworks 1

TP to FaMESHed 

Food on table, 4 jars against wall all free at +9... TP to +9

Venus Statue free at Rustica.. TP to Rustica

Pixel Mode - Ashworth Bedroom Set

Posted: 13 Apr 2013 03:35 PM PDT

Pixel Mode - Ashworth Bedroom Set

This month at FaMESHed, Pixel Mode has the Ashworth Bedroom Set.  The set comes in either Walnut or black, includes bed, end table, dresser, Armoire, caged candles, trio farm pictures.  There are also bed props you can get with the bed.  The bed comes in adult and PG version.  It will be at FaMESHed until the April 25th. 

TP to FaMESHed 

From Left to Right:
Pixel Mode - Ashworth Dresser - Black
Pestique Furniture -
Silver Coffee Set
Pixel Mode - Farms Trio Picture - Black Frame
Zigana - lazy sunday chair .manly man
Cheeky Pea - It's a Keeper Frames Angled
Apple Fall - Ralph's Boat
LITHIUM - Trunk_Black
Cheeky Pea - Jones Hanging Ice Hockey Sticks
PILOT - Snyder Tie Rack

Pixel Mode - Ashworth Bed - Adult - Black
Pixel Mode - Ashworth Room Divider - Black