Friday, April 5, 2013

Pixel Phasion 4 Men

Pixel Phasion 4 Men

New Release from Bounce This Poses

Posted: 04 Apr 2013 01:14 PM PDT

Friends is the newest release from Bounce This Poses.

Bounce This Poses - Friends

The pose is available at The Pose Fair, or the in-world store.

TP to Pose Fair
TP to Bounce This Poses main store 

Finding Emo & My 5 Pet Peeve meme thingy

Posted: 04 Apr 2013 05:53 AM PDT

Finding Emo
Hola Chickas and dudes!  This post covers a couple of new releases, and Berrys 5 Pet Peeve Meme thingy.

FATEwear just released some new clothes, and the Taylor Shirt and Eddie Pants are both part of the new release.  The shirt comes in 3 options, with closed shirt, open shirt, and one button options.  The shirt and pants both come with color control hud.  

On April 5th, The Mens Dept will open.  BALACLAVA has the Men in the City Snorkel Pack available for sale.  It comes with fins, mask, snorkel, and a very dorky walking AO that is awesome.  Have you ever tried to walk with scuba fins on?  Well that is what you look like with the AO.  Comes in five colors.

OK, now to my 5 Pet Peeve Meme Thingy:

5. Facelights - Have they ever really been needed in SL?  

4. The Marketplace - The marketplace is a cluster fuck to try and navigate and search! The amount of crap and junk that exists is mind boggling, why can't LL hit a purge valve of stuff prior to 2008 and get it off the MP?

3. LL Marketing - Does the marketing of SL exist?  If it does, I'd like to see it.  I can go to my local Target store, go into the computer section and see an entire shelf of IMVU gift cards.  LL doesn't market this way why?

2. Griefers - We all know the losers, the ones that use whatever it is they use to crash a sim, or throw some cage around you when your minding your own business.  There should be a zero tolerance policy for griefers.  If you report them to LL, immediate suspension of their account, no questions asked.  A innocent person will send a response or rebuttal to get their account turned back on,  a GUILTY person probably won' zero questions asked, suspend their accounts, ask questions later and sort it out. 

1. Old timers on other blogs bashing the game I enjoy - There are a couple of blogs out there by some old timers to the game I read occassionaly. I guess the only way they get traffic is bitch about the same thing time after time. "OMG...tier is to high and it's killing SL" that about sums up their bitch.  Look, I would love to own a Lamborghini in real life.  I can't afford it, so I don't own one.  Same thing goes for tier,  if you can't afford to own a sim, then don't bitch about it. If you purchase a entire sim,  you better have a plan to keep it running and pay tier.  Don't bitch that you had to close your sim because tier was to high, when you never had business plan or a way to pay for it more than a few months.  I enjoy the hell out of SL, and hate seeing old timers bash the game when they are barely in the game anymore.  Owning a sim is a lot of work, tier, upkeep, a good chunk of change to buy stuff to make the sim look nice.  Tier is what it is, deal with it! 

Bonus: LAG - I'm not going to complain about lag, it happens. This bonus pet peeve is people who complain about lag.  YES, when your at the event with 50 people, it's going to be laggy as with it!  Now if your on your own land, by yourself and your laggy, might be time to upgrade that apple series 1 computer.  I used to lag horribly, but when I upgraded my laptop with a great processor and graphics card, guess what?  My lag is almost non existent except at those crowded sims with 50 people. Stop complaining, it's part of the game, deal with it.